Do I need an Energy Performance Certificate?

The simple answer is yes.

An Energy Performance Certificate, or EPC, rates a building for energy efficiency. It uses the same concept as household electrical appliances that have an energy rating label classed from A to G.

In a property, the EPC, energy bar rating reflects the design and carbon emissions of the building, as well as the energy efficiency of the interior, type of apertures, boiler systems, water heaters, the performance of existing air-conditioners.

The EPC will also offer recommendations about cost-effective improvements that may help the property to receive a better energy efficiency rating, resulting in lower electricity bills and possibly a more comfortable home to live in.

It has now become a legal requirement for all buildings in Malta, regardless of whether they are still in the design stage or already lived in, to have an EPC.

Anybody intending to purchase or rent a property in Malta needs to apply for one.

When renting or selling, this responsibility falls on the landlord or the vendor. It is up to the property owner to make sure that whenever their property is constructed, sold or rented out, the EPC is handed over to the new buyer or tenant when they complete a promise of sale contract or a rental agreement. It is not necessary to renew this certificate when extending a lease.

Each certificate is valid for 10 years from the date it is issued as long as no significant changes are made to the property.

Property owners are liable to a hefty fine of up to €5,000 if they cannot produce a certificate when requested by Malta’s Building Regulation Office (BRO).

Prospective buyers or tenants must receive an EPC before they buy, let or sublet premises.

In the case of apartment blocks, each individual unit would require an EPC. In the case of shared accommodation in the same unit, one certificate for the whole unit would suffice.

An additional tax some would say? In reality, a proper insulated home with high energy efficiency could easily save the homeowner up to 30% on the property's electricity bills and also help the environment.

For a list of licensed assessors in Malta and Gozo and other useful information, you can refer to the Government website or CONTACT US to recommend one for you.

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